Open Letter To An Unpresidential Apologist

Mr. Obama,
You are doubtless flooded with mail belaboring your failure at your appointed job for numerous reasons. My letter is not concerned with anything other than your un-presidential persona. My specific disgust with you is with your personal endless desire to apologize for this country. For apologizing for America. There is plenty to be critical of you on – and for most of these things anyone in the private sector would be fired – from your awful, unconstitutional policies to your cavalier, casual, and slovenly appearance representing this country. I feel like you uphold your post as if you were on a reality TV show or that you are auditioning for a game show. I, and so many other proud Americans are infuriated.
You do not speak for me. Do not apologize to any foreign person or nation for me. Your apology to Afghanistan over the koran burning was without a doubt the most cowardly, mind-numbingly whiny act I have ever heard a President perform. Utterly disgraceful. You showed terrible judgement and not for the first time, poor leadership ability. The fact that you are grossly over matched on the world stage and massively unqualified for your job should make this simpering behavior to the rest of the world seem unsurprising yet nonetheless inexcusable.
The act of your apology was in itself wrong for so many reasons – and to some might even sound treasonous – but what cannot be disputed is that you blatantly placed our men and women serving in that region in harm’s way. You clearly do not possess the ability to discern right from wrong. A basic skill of any decent person. When someone kills any of our soldiers for the simple act of burning an inanimate object…that is wrong. That is an offense that requires an apology. More than an apology. In fact, an apology would never approach sufficient for the poor family of our troops injured and killed by the barbarians who practice that religion you go out of your way to praise. Burning an object – accident or not – is not wrong. Burning an object? That is nothing. Yet you feel the need to embarrass me, to embarrass every American, by scooting tail between your legs to another leader, another people, and begging forgiveness for an accident that harmed NO ONE. Did you demand any apology for the families of the victims of their senseless and neanderthal retaliation? How dare you. It is a true shame they gave their life in service of a such a non-leader. Such a pathetic excuse for a Commander in Chief.
You do not speak for me. You do not represent me. You do not represent what makes this country great – and for your edification that is not arrogance as you have previously labeled Americans, that is pride in my country. Your wife may not have been proud of America until you won some shady lottery to get elected but there are far more Americans who will remember you and your presidency as a disgrace and mistake. An amazing scam of the liberal left, socialist underground that foisted a weak, pandering, apologist to leave the ship of America rudderless and adrift for four years. I hope and pray that is all we will have lost and that you can begin your next career as a regular on the daytime talk show circuit starting this December. So for all your Final Four bracket work, your late night talk show appearances, your singing on stage antics and the like I say you are guilty of actions unbecoming of a President and for that I hope for change.

Hopeful for getting America back on course,

Jason Versaggi

    • Alfredo Quintero
    • March 22nd, 2016


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