The X-Men Meet…Archie

When I discovered the art of Nick  Bradshaw I was blown away. I saw a few pieces he had done on (CAF) including a cover he did for the HERO Initiative charity auctions and I had to interview him for CAF. One of the most appealing things about his art was his sly similarity to one of my favorite artists and one of the best ever, Art Adams. Nick’s unique style is sometimes unfairly labeled an Adams clone but the fact he himself loved Art’s style and was influenced by Art’s inking style does not take away from Nick’s own distinct look of cartoon modernism. The cross-hatching in the inking style is what really makes it pop like Adams.

X-Men: To Serve & Protect #1 original cover art by Nick Bradsha

X-Men: Second Coming #1 original pin-up art by Nick Bradshaw


Two pieces of published Marvel art I was lucky enough to acquire directly from the artist along with a special bonus I’ll always be thankful to Nick for…

You can check out both of these images in greater detail on my Comic Art Fans gallery.

What sets Nick apart even further for me is what a great guy he is. Along with his professional work and donating constantly of his time and talent to the HERO Initiative, Nick also found time to create a wonderful piece of art for me to give to my sister-in-law as a birthday gift. When I found out about Nick’s affinity for the Archie characters I had to ask if he would create a piece for my super-heroic sister-in-law and business partner, Ellen, who is a diehard fan of all things Archie. I loved Nick’s take on the Archie characters he did for HERO and was blown away by the piece he sent me for Ellen – seen partially inked below…

Ellen Meets The Archie's for her birthday at Pop's

So take some time out and check out a real good guy of the comic industry’s work and look for more of Nick’s talent on the upcoming X-men Annual and on his gallery.



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