A Boy And His Con

Writing is a hard business. Telling a descriptive story that people get caught up in either reading your words or listening to you speak is not easy. Brevity is key and yet how can anyone be descriptive enough and brief at the same time when it comes to the devourer of world’s Galact-er…New York Comic Con.

Outside the Jacob Javits Center: The Super Team Who Came To Dinner

I have not been to San Diego Comic Con so I won’t pretend this show is any more vast and impressive but it has to be almost its equal. Your senses are guilty of the deadly sin of gluttony just by walking in the doors, if you can get in the doors. First you are assaulted with the multi-media monopolies: Marvel, DC, and the video game industry. There are many second tier publishers nipping at the heels of the big two with ambitious booths from Archaia, Dark Horse, Aspen, and Boom! Studios.

I was lucky to stop at the Atlas Comics booth and chat with publisher Jason Goodman. Jason shared with me the new creative team on the next title in the Atlas relaunch of Wulf as none other than Steve Niles and Nat Jones. Quite a coup for the upstart company.

I hacked my way through the throng like I was Danny Trejo and took in Artist’s Alley in all its crowded splendor. Just enough time to watch some folks sketch and say hello to my buddy and con sketch maven Buzz.

The calm before the storm: Buzz in Artist Alley before sketch list opens to public.

There are plenty of new comics and trade book sellers represented here with the biggest of those being home field advantage winner Midtown Comics. However, if you look hard enough you will find numerous vintage comics dealers on the outskirts of it all. The old money, if you will, whose furnaces are stoked with four-color gold in the form of slabbed copies of Golden and Silver Age comic rarities. These dealers are staging a resurgence thanks to CGC and are fending off the ever-increasing Cos Players with many costume booths closing in to squeeze the comics, toys and art dealers for space.

As for the original comic art there are lots to be seen by all with great piece on display from dealers like Mike Burkey, Albert Moy, Anthony Snyder, Cool Lines, Spencer Beck and many others. Even the esteemed founder of CAF, Bill Cox , was in the thick of the comic art fray at Mike “Romitaman” Burkey’s booth.

You have to imagine this is what Sodom & Gomorrah must have looked like and just hope God lets it slide this time because it is tremendous fun and an experience not to be missed.

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