The Mysterious Marcos Martin

One of the purposes of Panel Surfing will be to showcase great artists work for both the purposes of fun and investment. On the one hand you can’t deny that Marcos Martin is one of the best artists working in the medium today. His style is in itself fun. But his work also transcends into that realm of highly desirable original artwork. The combination of his throwback charm coupled with the subjects he has worked with so far making his work very sought after. The fact that just a few crumbs of his work have made it into collections makes fans all the more hungry for this superstar’s pieces.

Martin oozes old school brilliance. He has that certain nostalgic House of Ideas “house” style that Stan Lee insisted upon in the bygone days of  ‘ol Marvel. The fact that Martin has already worked on both Dr. Strange (The Oath mini series) and both covers and interior on Amazing Spider-Man (he is currently handling art on the 2 page Stan Lee back up features in ASM) has naturally led folks to compare his style to Steve Ditko. And they’re right. The Spanish artist does have that Ditko quality but with an updated spin. Very fluid and exuberant with modern features.

Marcos Martin cover to Amazing Spider-Man #579

While his work on Amazing Spider-Man is undeniably superb my personal favorites were his collection of alternate covers he did for Marvel’s Timely Anniversary one shots in 2009. One interview he did for Comic Book Resources noted the similarity of tone between his covers and the old World War II era Works Progress Administration (WPA) posters. I love those old posters and his covers for that special project do have that same halcyon quality and maybe that is why they resonate so strongly with me. His work (as well as Chris Samnee who looks to have a similar effect going on with Thor) is work I will be looking to add to my collection in the future.

JSA Splash from the Gallery of Keith Richard

Joker From the Gallery of Vigo Jose y Augustin

Batgirl From the Gallery of Raul San

  1. A really enjoyable and interesting read !

    I assume that the mystique surrounding Marcos Martin art is in part due to the fact
    that he doesn’t sell his published original art (you’d hinted at that in your article).

    Interesting to see what happens once (and if) he would open up his vault.

    On a personal note, as mentioned a few years back,
    I’ve been lucky enough to get a couple of great Marcos Martin pages from his inkers share.

  2. Gal-

    Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed the post on Marcos. You are right about one factor that goes into his mystique among comic art collectors: he doesn’t sell his art. When you think about how universally admired his artwork is and figure that has created quite a demand already for his work it contributes greatly to his growing legend.

    But there are other things to consider when looking at just why this great talent is so elusive for fans. First of all there is geography. He lives in Spain. This means he does not attend many (if any) of the big summer Cons or any throughout the year. He may make international appearances but seeing him in person to even get a con sketch is going to prove difficult for fans. He also is so busy with his current projects that he does not have time for interviews so fans cannot learn as much about him or his work as they would like. He does not currently have a website – although is “coming soon” and that also leaves fans with one more degree of separation from this rising star.

    Since you are one of the few lucky ones to score some of his work we’d love to share with everyone if you send images to Panel Surfing!


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